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    With Continia Payment Management you get high quality and security through the entire payment process.

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  • Blog - the future of work

    The manner in which we work has changed due to technological transformation.

    By Louise Lykke Nielsen

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  • License campaign to Office 365 customers

    Save 25% on Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional

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  • Testimonial: DanuCare

    Today, we would not be able to run our business without Business Central. ‘

    Sander Bille, Managing Director, DanuCare.

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    with Dynamics 365

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  • CRM in the cloud

    What are the benefits of going online and how long does it take?

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Selected testimonials fro our customers

‘We are very happy with our collaboration with MicroPartner – a partnership which works remotely and 24/7 due to our global presence.’

Bo Bugge CIO - Norican Group

‘MicroPartner has managed to adapt  accordingly to our wishes in connection with the implementation. They also manage to understand our business processes and make constructive and useful solutions.’

Toke GodiksenIT manager - Saint Gobain Distribution Danmark

‘Not many other companies are able to do what MicroPartner does which is be a day to day sounding board and contribute to continuing development without it taking analysis, proposals and several months wait for the users.

They take our problems and solve them immediately. That gives security.’

Stig Højmark JensenCRM Manager, IT, KOMPAN A/S

‘We have some strong consultants at MicroPartner, and they clearly advise us to stick to the standard. We have followed that piece of smart advice and I must say that the quality of the consultants is key to our satisfaction. MicroPartner has consultants who really gets our business.’

Ulrich Borup HansenSales Director, Orbicon Informatik

‘At first, we explained why we were different from Brødrene Dahl and MicroPartner’s consultants were great at listening. De have extensive knowledge and were good at challenging us.

In this project, they clearly warned us against diverging to must from standard and making too much own development. The collaboration was great, and I appreciate their product understanding as well as their professional back-and-forth.’

Jesper FuglsangBusiness Controller, Optimera

‘We have achieved the ability to navigate and transparency through the collaboration with MicroPartner and by using Azure as a cloud server. Microsoft has made a clear curse towards cloud and as a customer, you sense the synergies between the different cloud environments.

The consultants have an extensive experience and are not afraid to try something new.’

Jacob OredsonDigital Director, Presidents Institute

‘Business Central has become the lifeblood of our business and will continue to be so for years to come. We have invested in a future proof solution that can be enhanced and used. Even if the need to develop new strategies arise.’

Sander BilleDanuCare

Selected customers