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  • Denmark is shutting down

    We have chosen to follow the recommendation from the Danish government. As a result, all our employees will be working from home the next two weeks to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    Planned tasks and support will be managed as usual.

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Denmark is shutting down

Denmark is shutting down

At MicroPartner we take our part of the social responsibly and are following the recommendations of the government. As a result, all our employees will be working from home in order to assist in preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All our consultants will, of course, still be working on projects and tasks. Planned tasks and urgent support will be dealt with as usual.

As schools, kindergartens, nurseries etc. also will be shut down, our employees may have to work different hours than standard office hours.

We will do everything possible to ensure that we keep all engagements, that tasks will be performed, and that downtime will be minimized – just as usual.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +45 28 45 20 08.

Matthijn Hoogenboom

Sales Director, MicroPartner


+45 28 45 20 08

Patrick Hoogenboom

CEO, MicroPartner


+45 28 45 19 15

Get a handle on your CRM and ERP project from the start

Contact us at

+45 43 45 06 60

About MicroPartner

MicroPartner is a Danish IT consultancy firm that work with implementing, developing and maintaining business critical solutions.

We are a certified Microsoft partner with focus on Dynamics 365 (CRM & ERP), Microsoft 365, Office 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and Azure.

Since 2001, we have helped + 150 businesses and organizations with business developing and productive solutions.

We have a strong team of dedicated consultants with extensive experience and strong commitment to IT – both as a business strategy and as a relational and process-supporting tool.

Our aim is to create solutions with our customers that add value from day one.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform with a variety of intelligent applications for managing business processes within e.g.  SalesCustomer ServiceField ServiceProject Service Automation and Marketing.

Business Central ERP

Business Central helps you connect finance, sales, service and operations so that you can streamline your business processes and improve interactions with your customers, allowing you to make better decisions.

Save 25% on Sales Pro CRM licenses

Office 365 customers may now collect 25% discount on Dynamics 365 Sales Professional licenses that works seamlessly with Office 365.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Create value through Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer something that only happens at Amazon, airbnb or .com companies. It will happen in all businesses. Including yours – based on the notion that the business has to develop or wind up.

New business opportunities

Digital transformation focuses on the company’s value creation for its customers and is about leveraging technology to create new business opportunities. It has become increasingly difficult to differentiate on product alone; in the future, business opportunities will be created by differentiating on customer experience and the service level.

Strengthen your business

With the right technology, you can engage your customers, develop your products and services, support your employees in their daily work and optimise processes to get an overview of your pipeline, operations and customer retention. All for the benefit of your customers and the growth of your business.

Read more about digital transformation here.

From IT to business processes

The technological platform which will drive the digital transformation is in place. Dynamics 365 does away with the IT silo thinking of the past and, instead, approaches IT as business processes. In the real world, we work through long, continuous processes. So, why limit the company’s development and growth by working in a fragmented manner in our IT systems, when Dynamics 365 technology offers a platform of integrated and flexible business applications to support business processes?

Add value through the right processes

Working with processes takes maturity also in the real world. The possibilities of adding value to every nook and cranny of the company through digital transformation are endless. Thus, it is important to begin the right place. Have a clear vision of the future of the company and begin in one place. Make it easy and simple so that you succeed in getting your employees involved. Then you are on the right path to giving your customers a better experience.

Read more about customer processes here.

Collaborating with MicroPartner

Long-term collaboration

As a result, we look for the long-term collaboration where we can grow together – and we gladly enter into the form of collaborative partnership which best suits the customer and other stakeholders, i.e. project collaborations or as a subcontractor.

Read about our long-term collaborations in selected cases here.

Technology, product and supplier

We are not dedicated to a particular technology, product or supplier. We advise impartially, as the customer’s needs, demands and desires are what will lead to the right technology platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

As many of our customers favour Microsoft, it is often what we recommend as a technological platform. Dynamics 365 is a powerful and flexible platform for supporting and developing key elements within CRM: knowledge sharing, process optimisation, time saving and transparency in processes, knowledge and data. For this reason we are a certified Microsoft partner.

Read more about Dynamics 365 and Business Central here.

Tailored solutions for each company

Digital transformation focuses on the company’s value creation for its customers. And because companies are different, the technological solutions which support and drive the digital transformation need to be different as well, of course. The solutions must fit the company, its employees and its customers, and must be able to evolve with the business.

Specialists in Dynamics 365

At MicroPartner, we specialise in Dynamics 365. We want to maintain a clear and deep focus within Dynamics 365, knowing a lot about a little – rather than spreading ourselves too thin, knowing a little about a lot.

Collaborating on the right solution

We collaborate not just with the end customer, but also with partners – i.e. the customer’s ERP provider or the supplier of the customer’s financial system. The most important thing for us is to provide the customer with the right solution through which all parties contribute with what they do best.

Selected testimonials fro our customers

‘We are very happy with our collaboration with MicroPartner – a partnership which works remotely and 24/7 due to our global presence.’

‘MicroPartner has managed to adapt  accordingly to our wishes in connection with the implementation. They also manage to understand our business processes and make constructive and useful solutions.’

‘Not many other companies are able to do what MicroPartner does which is be a day to day sounding board and contribute to continuing development without it taking analysis, proposals and several months wait for the users.

They take our problems and solve them immediately. That gives security.’

‘We have some strong consultants at MicroPartner, and they clearly advise us to stick to the standard. We have followed that piece of smart advice and I must say that the quality of the consultants is key to our satisfaction. MicroPartner has consultants who really gets our business.’

‘At first, we explained why we were different from Brødrene Dahl and MicroPartner’s consultants were great at listening. De have extensive knowledge and were good at challenging us.’

Product understanding

‘In this project, they clearly warned us against diverging to must from standard and making too much own development. The collaboration was great, and I appreciate their product understanding as well as their professional back-and-forth.’

‘Business Central has become the lifeblood of our business and will continue to be so for years to come. We have invested in a future proof solution that can be enhanced and used. Even if the need to develop new strategies arise.’

‘We have achieved the ability to navigate and transparency through the collaboration with MicroPartner and by using Azure as a cloud server. Microsoft has made a clear curse towards cloud and as a customer, you sense the synergies between the different cloud environments.’

‘The consultants have an extensive experience and are not afraid to try something new.’

Selected customers

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