By Louise Lykke Nielsen, Marketing Consultant, MicroPartner
Blog: Online Events? Virtual events? Online meetings? Digital events? Webinars?
The list goes on. What they all have in common, is that they are all held online, which, in these times, is an obvious business opportunity.

By Louise Lykke Nielsen, Marketing Consultant, MicroPartner
Blog: Marketing automation is a technological platform designed to help the marketing department communicate on several online channels (e.g., email, social media, landing pages), and automate routine tasks.
Marketing automation aims at guiding the recipient to an intended action.

By Usman Idris, Business Consultant, MicroPartner
Blog: ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a financial management system or a business system. ERP systems helps companies manage their finances, inventory, production, bookkeeping, including invoicing of their customers, etc.

By Matthijn Hoogenboom, Sales Director, MicroPartner
Blog: Navision and C5 are now called Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Today, Navision and C5 have entered the Dynamics 365 palette and are now called Dynamics 365 Business Central.
The product names Navision and C5 no longer exist, and Microsoft is in the process of phasing out the solutions.

By Matthijn Hoogenboom, Sales Diretor, MicroPartner
Blog: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is both a system and a business strategy to help increase companies’ revenue, profitability, boost customer loyalty, and reduce costs.

COVID-19: Following the announcement by the government yesterday, we are taking our share of social responsibility and following the government’s recommendations. As a result, from today, we have initiated that all our employees must work remotely to limit the infection with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

By Matthijn Hoogenboom, Sales Director, MicroPartner
Blog: When you move your CRM system to the cloud, it becomes part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, which means that you can get more out of your solution. Besides the fact that all updates and new functions are released in the cloud first, it also happens automatically. And thus, there are no longer need for allocating time for manual updates. There are many advantages by going cloud.

Af Matthijn Hoogenboom, Sales Director, MicroPartner
Blog: Several things characterize a successful CRM project. Read the 7 key points that may tell you, if your CRM is headed towards success or failure.

By Louise Lykke Nielsen, Marketing Consultant, MicroPartner
Blog: The way we work has changed due to the technological advance. Now, we have tools to work more efficiently and productively. But the speed of the advance may make it difficult for companies and employees to keep up. Companies need to adapt and make new processes, find new markets, form new partnerships and create new business models. The companies that thrive and are successful are those who understand the forces that drive change and what those changes mean to the workplace.

By Nana Bule, CEO, Microsoft Danmark
Blog: Digital transformation is not necessarily about throwing everything overboard, but about how we can use our data and knowledge to enrich the company and its offerings to customers and develop an adapted or new business model that keeps up with the times.
In the future, all companies and organisations will think and act as digital companies, using technology to create new business opportunities. Digital transformation can be described by four main trends.