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Working made easy with Dynamics 365 CRM

Working made easy with Dynamics 365 CRM

An easier working day is something many employees need. Many employees have too many systems and lack overview of activities and focus areas.

Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has different applications that provides an easier working day for employees, as they only need one system to be able to work efficiently.

Working made easy with Dynamics 365 for the salesperson

The salesperson’s challenges

Many sales people are bound by difficult work streams with financial systems, e-mail clients and spreadsheets. Dynamics 365 unites them all, giving the salesperson  all information in one place:

  • What does my pipeline look like?
  • How far am I from reaching my goals?
  • How many pending quotes do I have?
  • Who is on my call list this week?

Who should I contact today?

The CRM system should be the salespersons preferred tool. This requires the system to be easy, relevant and quick to use. The focus should be on helping the salesperson through a stressful day, ensuring that time is spent  as efficiently as possible.

Working made easy with Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, the salesperson gets a dashboard that presents a quick overview with relevant information on one screen. The salesperson does not have to waste time navigating through the system or searching for information.

The dashboard provides both a snapshot of the pipeline and graphs with results, objectives and active sales processes. This gives the salesperson easy access to the next step: What is the next thing I need to do to qualify this lead? And if the next step requires contact with the customer, then the salesperson is able to launch Skype directly from within the system.

In short – working made easy with Dynamics 365!

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Working made easy with Dynamics 365 for the sales manager

The sales manager’s challenges

Many sales managers have difficult time following sale development and spend too much time collecting data from financial systems and spread sheets. Dynamics 365 Sales collects all relevant information in real time, so that the sales manager can get an overview of the development quickly:

  • What does our pipeline look like?
  • How are we performing according to our KPIs?
  • What does our forecast look like?
  • Which customers have we closed this week?
  • How many meetings do we held?

How are we performing against our KPIs?

This classic sales manager question must be at the very top of the sales manager’s system. Along with management reporting and an overview of sales opportunities across the team. The sales manager needs the real-time image of a team’s result creation, as well as the right data to make a forecast – including the not so obvious parameters.

Working made easy with Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you can freely choose the data for your dashboard as well as an optional layout. The sales manager can also edit his dashboard, making reporting to top management easier.

The visualisation of data makes it easy and convenient to assess individual performance:

  • Are there sales processes which require attention?
  • Are there salespeople in need of help?

If the sales manager’s weekly pipeline review with his boss requires contact with a salesperson in the team, it is possible to launch the contact with one click. And the overview must be sharp, allowing the sales manager to make decisions based on facts, not hunches.

In short – working made easy with Dynamics 365!

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Working made easy with Dynamics 365 for the service assistant

The Service Assistant’s challenges

Service Assistants have tasks that needs to be solved here and now. Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows the Service Assistants to respond quickly and efficiently:

  • Which case should I give priority to?
  • How do I contact the customer?
  • How are cases being created?

Which case should I give priority to?

Service staff need both case prioritisation and a complete overview – and of course the immediate means of contacting the customer via the right platform.

Working made easy with Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the service assistant has the tools to act quickly and efficiently. Every customer contact should enhance customer loyalty and increase sales. The dashboard should provide direct access to the most important actions.

The cases create themselves automatically based on email or customer interactions on social media. Efficiency across channels is a must. And the prioritisation should be crystal clear, so that service agreements with customers are not broken, and the most important things are done first. Service staff also need a complete overview of relevant information, guided processes, alerts and advanced queue management.

In short – working made easy with Dynamics 365!

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Working made easy with Dynamics 365 for the service manager

The Service Manager’s challenges

The Service Manager needs to know how the situations is right now:

  • Are we meeting targets and SLAs?
  • How many cases do we have right now?
  • Are our customers satisfied with our case resolving?

Are the customers satisfied with us?

Optimum customer service requires good IT support.

Working made easy with Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, the Service Manager is able to gain an overview of case pressure, goal attainment, quality and average case processing times. The overview is available on phone, tablet and computer. On the mobile dashboard, the system displays the team’s performance, allowing the manager to see trends and make corrections at all times.

The dashboard can easily be customized so it presents the desired data, placing the most important cases, escalations and activities at the very top. Special cases may need pin-pointing with an easy way to drill down into the detail. The service manager may also have important updates forwarded to him/her automatically whenever a case develops or when a case is about to breach a desired service level. At the same time, the service manager must have easy access to a comprehensive overview and know the value of the service team’s overall effort.

In short – working made easy with Dynamics 365!

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Working made easy with Dynamics 365 for the campaign builder

The Campaign builder’s challenges

Many marketers use different systems to create campaigns and to get an overview of the campaign effect. The CRM system unites them all so that the Campaign Builder only needs to work with one system to be able to:

  • Build great-looking emails, landing pages, web forms and surveys
  • Set up campaign automation
  • Work with event management
  • Track web traffic
  • Track the effect of various activities

How is my campaign performing in real time?

Successful campaigns mostly include multiple channels, many types of segmentation and a clear need to document results. The campaign builder must know how the campaign is performing in real time to correct the course and optimise the effect.

Working made easy

With ClickDimensions, a Microsoft certified marketing automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365, the campaign builder gets a  powerful platform for piecing the complete picture together, spotting trends and taking action. Everything  happens in one visual tool, where you drag and drop your way through the management of automated campaigns.

Likewise, emails to customers and prospects can be composed by dropping various content elements. The finished results can then be viewed on different screen types and distributed to selected segments. The campaign builder is able to freely combine dynamic and static lists of recipients and integrate seamlessly with a landing page.

The campaign builder may also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track and assess audience behaviour on the landing page, thus understanding the subjects’ interest and engagement. The same applies to an event and to the campaign elements on social media, where ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365 can measure effect and results.

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