Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform – Power BI, PowerApps and Flow

Microsoft Power Platform with Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Power Platform is an integrated application platform that unites Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow and can improve your company’s productivity.

The Power Platform gives you opportunity to build business solutions.

Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are designed to work together. As a result, everyone can, across the company, quickly and easily build apps, automate workflows to increase productivity and analyze data to get a better understanding – regardless of their technical expertise.

Power BI


With Power BI you get Business Intelligence in a new way.

You can create a data-driven culture by giving everyone the opportunity to get insightful visuals from data. Visual that they can use to make decisions quickly and make them on an informed basis.



With PowerApps you can build apps in hours not months.

Apps let you connect your existing data and systems to help you solve specific process and business needs.



With Microsoft Flow you can create automated workflows in minutes across hundreds of popular apps and services.

An you can do this without coding.

Power BI

Power BI – Business Intelligence

Power BI is a part of the Microsoft Power Platform. Power BI is Business Intelligence that presents data visually.

Power BI gives you insight that makes it possible to make decisions quickly and make them on an informed basis.

Power BI is available for analysts, IT, and developers.

Power BI

  • You can transform data into beautiful reports

    that you can share with your colleagues on all devices

  • You can explore and analyze data visually

    both on-premises and in the cloud

  • You can collaborate and share user defined dashboards

    and interactive reports

  • You can scale across your organization

    with built-in governance and security

Power BI – this is how it works

Power BI for analysts

From data to insight

From data to insight – and from insight to action with Power BI.

You can connect to hundreds of sources, prep data with ease, and create beautiful reports, all in minutes.

Real-time insights across your organization

  • You can connect to data sources

    and prepare and model data

  • You can transform data

    with advanced data preparation capabilities

  • You can visualize data i beautiful reports

  • You can create interactive data visualizations with important insights

  • You can publish and share data

  • You can publish and share insights

    across the organization to drive informed action

Power BI and Excel

Use Power BI and Excel together

When you use Power BI and Excel together, you can easily gather, shape, analyze, and explore key business data in new ways and in less time.

Connect and prepare your data

  • You can connect directly to data sources including real-time and streaming

    You have more than 90 connectors for data in the cloud or on premises

  • You can combine, transform, and organize massive amounts of data with Power BI

    And thus save save and costs

  • You can simplify data modeling when you prepare data once

    And you can use it for multiple models, point-and-click analysis interface, and create models automatically

Visualize your data

  • You can get quick insights with AI-assisted visualizations

    That are created automatically on your dataset

  • You can get limitless options for how you visualize your data through the custom visuals open framework

    You can also choose from the more than 100 visuals published by community users

  • Find anwers to your questions fast

    You can just ask a question and let Power BI choose the right visual for you

Publish and share data

Power BI for IT

Power BI for the IT department

You can simplify management, achieve compliance, and keep data secure while giving people access to the insights they need.

Tools your orginization already knows

If your employees already use Microsoft products, you can reduce your training and support costs.

You can take advantage of these familiar tools as part of your enterprise BI deployment.

Quick deployment

You can lower implementation costs and simplify management.

You can deploy and manage Power BI the same way as Office 365 and other Microsoft services you run in your organization.

Governance and security

You can better keep tabs on your enterprise data. You can control centrally how data is accessed and used even on mobile devices.

You can set and monitor policies, detect anomalies, and take action.

Unify self-service & enterprise BI

You can get pixel-perfect paginated reporting, enterprise-scale modeling and self-service BI in one modern platform.

One platform

Unified self-service and enterprise BI platform

Technology from SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Analysis Services is part of Power BI. You can deliver pixel-perfect paginated reports alongside interactive reports.

You can enable larger data volumes, lifecycle management, and third-party BI tool connectivity in one modern platform.

Business intelligence, the way you want it

Reporting managed by IT

You can get accurate and reliable reports that are created and centrally managed by IT.

Self-service BI

You can connect easily to enterprise data to get the specific insights you need.

Embedded analytics

You can access analytics from within your current portals and applications, so that you can get for a more efficient workflow.

Power BI for developers

Build with Power BI

You can customize, extend, and embed Business intelligence and analytics from Microsoft Power BI in applications using a comprehensive set of APIs and fully documented SDK libraries.

Embed Power BI in apps, websites, and portals

You can embed beautiful, interactive data visualizations in applications, websites, portals, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and more, to showcase your business data in context.

By using Power BI REST APIs and the Power BI SDK, you can easily embed interactive reports and dashboards. That way,  your users can enjoy consistent, high-fidelity experiences across devices.

Create custom visuals

You can visualize your data any way you want by creating fully-customized data visualizations.

You can share the visuals you create with your organization, embed them in an app, or share them with the world on AppSource.

You can develop and test visuals with our open-source SDK, based on well-known open-source JavaScript libraries like D3, jQuery.

Automate your BI solution

You can reduce development time by taking advantage of a wide variety of automation options.

You can e.g. with Power BI REST APIs:

  • Push data into a Power BI dataset
  • Refresh your data automatically
  • Auto-scale Azure resources
  • Automate your application lifecycle management (ALM)
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Build apps that suit your business with PowerApps

PowerApps are a part of Microsoft Power Platform. With Power Platform you can easily build the apps you need. You can also extend or customize the apps you already use.

One platform with unlimited opportunity

You can make Office 365 and Dynamics 365 your own using powerful apps that span productivity and business data.

Build faster

You can build apps fast with a point-and-click approach to app design. You can choose from a large selection of templates, or you can being with a blank canvas.

You connect your app easily to data and you can use Excel-like expressions to add logic.

You can publish your app to the web, iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Build on an app platform without limits

PowerApps continues where other app platforms stop.With PowerApps you getpro-developer extensibility is natively built into the platform.

This allows developers to seamlessly extend app capabilities using Azure Functions. The can also use custom connectors to connect to custom or legacy systems.

Built in data service

With the built in Common Data Service, you get a powerful data service with rich customization, business logic, and security capabilities.

Your data is stored in a standard format through the common data model ready to use.

PowerApps – Connect apps and data

Your data for your apps

With PowerApps it is easy to get your data into your apps. You can use more than 200 connectors for many popular cloud services. And you can even use your on-premises data.


Microsoft Flow – work less and do more!

Flow is part of Microsoft Power Platform. Flow lets you create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services.

You get among other:

  • Get notifications

  • Synchronize files

  • Collect data

Microsoft Flow – this is how it works

Flow automate tasks and processes

Automate repetive tasks

You can easily turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. You can e.g. with a few clicks capture tweets and add them as leads in Dynamics 365 and subscribers in Mailchimp.

Office 365 Outlook

OneDrive for Business

Dynamics 365












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