Selected references and testimonials

We consider all of our customers long term partners. As a result, we are proud that a number of our partners have agreed to being references and to be interviewed by a journalist in order to create testimonials.

In the testimonials you can read among other:

  • Which challenges Microsoft Dynamics 365 have solved.
  • How Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used.
  • What Microsoft Dynamics 365 has meant for their businesses
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Selected testimonials

Human match

‘We took references so we knew that MicroPartner had the competences that support the company’s image as CRM experts. Our questions were if the people at MicroPartner matched us and if they understood our desire to bind sales, marketing and service closely together in one platform. Now we can confirm our choice and we are happy about it.’

Ulrich Borup Hansen, Sales Director, Orbicon Informatik

The partner challenged us

‘We explained why we were different from Brødrene Dahl and MicroPartners consultants were good listeners. They bring knowledge to the table and they are good at challenging us.

In this project they clearly warned us not to stray to much from the standard and to make too much enhancement. The collaboration was very good, and I appreciate their sparring and product understanding.’

Jesper Fuglsang, Business Controller, Optimera

CRM with no hassle or bullshit

‘Working with MicroPartner is superb. There is no hassle or bullshit from our MicroPartner CRM consultants. They understand our business, so they can ‘go it alone’.’

Toke Godiksen, IT-manager, Brødrene Dahl

Flexible CRM partner

‘We are very happy with our collaboration with MicroPartner – a partnership which works remotely and 24/7 due to our global presence.’

Bo Bugge, CIO, Norican Group

Business Central has become vital

‘Today we would not be able to run our business without Business Central. ‘

Sander Bille, Managing Director, DanuCare.

Same data base

Each customer has different alarm values that they want to monitor. Instead of calling us every time they want to change a value, they can log in via the portal and set the temperatures. This is where the genius part comes in, i.e., that data is in the same data base in Dynamics 365 Field Service and Power Apps Portals.

If customers log in to Power Apps Portals and change the alarm values on one device, we do not need to move data from one system to another. It works on the same data foundation.’

Peter Jordan, Founder & CEO, Synap IoT

Day to day sounding board

‘Not many other companies are able to do what MicroPartner does which is be a day to day sounding board and contribute to continuing development without it taking analysis, proposals and several months wait for the users.

They take our problems and solve them immediately. That gives security.’

Stig Højmark Jensen, CRM-Manager, IT, KOMPAN

Our employees must have excellent tools

‘We chose Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is user-friendly, flexible, easy to configure and in many ways light-years ahead of some of the other platforms we have worked with. We want to know as much as possible about each individual customer, and our employees have to have really good tools to hand with which to provide the best service.’

Martin Carlsson, Product Development Manager

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