ClickDimensions Social Marketing

ClickDimensions social marketing

ClickDimensions Social Marketing is a complete platform for marketing on social media.

Patrick Hoogenboom

By Patrick Hoogenboom, CEO, MicroPartner

ClickDimensions Social Marketing

ClickDimensions Social Marketing is designed specifically for B2B marketers who need smart, time-saving solutions that maximize ROI on social media.

Communicate with your target audience on social media

ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution developed specifically for Dynamics 365, allowing the two solutions, in practice, to function as one integrated solution. As part of the ‘standard package’, ClickDimensions has SoMe functions, which allow you to share content on your company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts directly from Dynamics 365.

You can post immediately or at a scheduled time. You can also see the status of the post, the number of clicks, and the content of your posts directly in CRM. With social linking and sharing tools, you can reach out more widely by connecting social media and email.

In addition, you have access to the marketing calendar, which gives you an overview of your various campaigns and channels:

ClickDimensions Social Marketing

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ClickDimensions Social Marketing builds on the ‘standard package’ with the following exciting opportunities:

Plan and manage content across social media

ClickDimensions Social Marketing lets you distribute content to all your social channels from a user-friendly platform, where you can publish the content immediately or plan for later – just like in the ‘standard package’.

In addition, you can create several campaigns at the same time and let the system automate the posting times to optimize visibility.

Click Dimensions Social Marketing

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Find and share new content

With ClickDimensions Social Marketing, you can find new content that engages your audience. The automated content management makes it easy for you to discover and publish content for your various social profiles – and quickly fill in the blanks in your social media calendar.

ClickDimensions Social Marketing – How it works:

Use social media to generate new leads

You can connect social interactions to leads and contacts in CRM, just as you can connect leads generated through social media with your sales pipeline and earnings.

You can use social media activity as a trigger for marketing automation, lead scoring, workflows and more.

Monitor and participate in the social conversations that matter

With ClickDimensions Social Marketing, you can cut through the social media noise and focus on the discussions that matter most to your brand.

You can use social listening streams, which allows you to track keywords, mentions, and company pages.

You can engage and nurture leads – and view and respond to comments on your posts from a unified inbox.

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Solve customer issues with ClickDimensions Social Marketing

You can streamline your social conversations to deliver a better, faster, and more personalized customer experience. With tools such as live monitoring, unified inbox, and team collaboration, you can quickly resolve customer issues directly in the various social channels.

You can manage all incoming and outgoing calls to track who has answered, assigned, filled in or left a note in a message.

Measure and optimize results to achieve greater social ROI

With ClickDimensions Social Marketing, you can see the effect of your efforts on social media and their impact on revenue and sales pipeline across channels and posts.

That way, you can measure and optimize results to achieve a greater ROI.

Unique integrated display of data

ClickDimensions is integrated with Dynamics 365, which means you can manage all your social channels in a single view – directly in Dynamics 365.

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