What is Navision and C5?

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Navision and C5 are two Danish-developed ERP systems also called financial systems or business systems.

Navision helps companies manage finance, warehousing, purchasing, logistics, sales, CRM, production, project management, payroll, and HR. C5 helps companies manage finances, bookkeeping, and send invoices.

Background for Navision and C5

In 2000, Damgaard and Navision merged. Both companies specialized in ERP systems, Navision had one product, Navision, and Damgaard had AX and C5.

In 2003, Microsoft acquired the Damgaard / Navision company. Microsoft has continuously developed the systems, including optimized work processes, usability, and features. Navision became Microsoft Dynamics NAV or just NAV, C5 became Microsoft Dynamics C5, and AX became Microsoft Finance.

Navision and C5 are now called Dynamics 365 Business Central

Today, Navision and C5 have entered the Dynamics 365 palette and are now called Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The product names Navision and C5 no longer exist, and Microsoft is in the process of phasing out the solutions. This means, that if you are using a very old version of Navision or C5, Microsoft may no longer provide updates and bug fixes. Consequently, you may need to upgrade your solution to Business Central.

At MicroPartner, we focus exclusively on Business Central, which is designed for SMB’s (small and medium-sized businesses). For this reason, I will not go further into Microsoft Finance in this blog.

Differences in the solutions

Navision or Dynamics NAV is only available as an on-premise solution, while C5 is only available as an online version. Business Central can run on-premise or in the cloud, and you can have access to both ERP and CRM.

The architecture of Business Central is more modern, making upgrades significantly easier than previously. Instead of changing the core, they are now making extensions that can work with newer versions. This means, that you always have an updated platform. Over time, the solution will therefore be cheaper to run.

Upgrade from Navision or C5 to Business Central

There are many benefits of replacing old Navision or C5 solutions with Business Central. First, an upgrade will mean you get a technologically updated platform with a lot of new features.

Second, Microsoft has also optimized workflows, user interfaces and shortcuts in Business Central, which means you can work much more efficiently.

Third, Business Central can be integrated with the other applications in the Dynamics 365 platform. An upgrade from Navision or C5 to Business Central will therefore unlock new opportunities to work more efficiently.

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