What is GetAccept

GetAccept allows your company to create, send, and manage sales documents such as quotes, contracts, presentations, and more. The platform offers features like electronic signatures, document tracking, and integration capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and email platforms like Outlook.

One of the key features of GetAccept is the ability to send documents to potential customers and track their behavior in relation to the document. Companies can see when the customer has opened the document, which pages they have viewed, and how much time they have spent on each page. This provides valuable insights into the customer’s interests and engagement, which can help tailor the sales strategy.

GetAccept also enables electronic signatures on documents, reducing the need for physical paperwork and expediting the contract process, resulting in a more convenient experience.

Fully integrated in your CRM system

The integration between GetAccept and a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables users to combine the advantages of both platforms to enhance their sales and contract processes.

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive CRM platform that assists businesses in managing their sales processes, customer interactions, and marketing. It includes features such as sales management, customer care, lead handling, and reporting.

The integration between GetAccept and Dynamics 365 allows for seamless exchange of data between the two systems and helps streamline the sales and contract workflow. Here are some of the benefits of the integration:

  • Automatic Data Transfer: The integration ensures that information about sales documents and contracts is updated and synchronized between GetAccept and Dynamics 365. This means that sales teams can work within their preferred system (Dynamics 365) and still have access to the latest information about document status, signatures, and customer interactions recorded in GetAccept.

  • Enhanced Traceability and Analysis: The integration allows for tracking and analyzing sales and contract information from GetAccept within Dynamics 365. This provides sales teams and managers with a more holistic view of the sales process and conversion rates, as well as insights into which documents are most effective. By combining data from both platforms, patterns can be identified, strategies improved, and informed decisions made.

  • Easy Document Access: The integration allows users to access sales documents and contracts created in GetAccept directly from Dynamics 365. This saves time and eliminates the need to switch between different systems to locate the necessary documents. Users can easily share documents with clients, access document history, and manage document status directly within the Dynamics 365 interface.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The integration between GetAccept and Dynamics 365 facilitates collaboration among sales teams, legal departments, and other stakeholders. All relevant parties can access and share documents, collaborate on changes, and provide real-time feedback. This helps improve communication and streamline the approval process.

GetAccept as part of your workflow

With GetAccept and Microsoft Dynamics 365, it will be possible to run a proposal and/or sales flow where you can send proposal documents and similar materials directly from the system to the customer, without the need for a separate email system. If there’s a need to send a proposal to the customer that they can approve with a signature or possibly send back with revisions, this is entirely achievable, directly from the CRM system.

In essence, GetAccept enables an efficient and straightforward workflow for document handling to and from customers. Below is an example of how you can send documents to a customer directly from the CRM system.

The above is an example taken directly from Dynamics 365 Sales Hub with GetAccept integrated. Here are the four simple steps to send a document to a customer:

  1. Select whether it’s a document that needs to be signed or if it’s documents that need to be sent and then track the customer’s activity within the document.
  2. Select one or more recipients from the list of contacts.
  3. Attach one or more documents or create a document from templates.
  4. Prepare the document with name, signature expiration date, sender information, and write a customized email. There’s also an option to include a video. Both an email and a link to the documents can be sent via SMS. Once everything is customized, click “Send,” and the customer will receive the documents.

The customer will now have the opportunity to review and potentially sign. All customer activities are tracked and saved for analysis if needed. The customer doesn’t need to have GetAccept to review and sign.

By Dennis Rasmussen
Office 365 & Dynamics 365 Consultant

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