If you receive a notification that your accounting program is not registered in the Nemhandelsregister when you open Business Central? Then we have a helping hand for you here. Especially if you use Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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According to Danish accounting law, all standard systems from January 2024 must inform users that they can sign up for the NemHandelsregisteret. They must also provide information about the registration functionality.

Furthermore, if the company is not registered in the Nemhandelsregisteret, it can quickly be done by following this link:

All standard accounting systems must be registered with the Nemhandelsregisteret by law, as they must comply with functionalities that support compliance with the legislation. The reason for registering with the NemHandelsregisteret is the legal requirement for exchanging electronic documents, where the NemHandelsregisteret offers these services and supports all formats required by the legislation.

The announcement regarding requirements for digital standard accounting systems can be read here:

What do you need to do?

First, make sure you are registered with the NemHandelsregister. If not, you can register here. If you have Continia Document Capture or Document Output, you can easily register by following the instructions below.

After registration, ensure that you have entered your company’s CVR number in the Registration Number field, which you can find under company information (click on Settings, the gear icon in the top right corner of BC) and select Company Information. Here you will find the following at the top right:

If you can’t see it, you can click on “Show more”.

Once the company is registered and the Company’s CVR is entered as above, Business Central and the NemHandelsregister will automatically exchange the registration information, and the registration message will disappear.

For Continia Document Capture and Document Output Users:

If your company uses Continia, you may benefit from reading the following section, which has been sent out by Continia to their users.

Important Update: NemHandel Registration in Business Central Cloud

Is your customers faced with a warning about lack of registration in the NemHandelsregister when they open Business Central? According to Danish bookkeeping law, all standard systems from January 2024 are required to notify users about signing up for NemHandel. With Continia Delivery Network, your customers can sign up in just 5 minutes – at no extra cost.

NemHandel: Quick and Free Activation with Continia

If your customers are already using Document Capture or Document Output, we have good news! They can activate NemHandel in just 5 minutes by following the instructions below. And the best part? There are no extra costs – NemHandel is already included in their current solution with Continia.

Link to setup Continia Delivery Network: Continue to setup.

By Jan Jensen
Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant

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